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Splitting Numbers

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Karolien Lenaerts

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What about us

When Three different people from complete different backgrounds and different education share the same vision, amazing things can happen!

Extremely driven by passion with an urge for perfection and always avoiding to play by the rules - The Bamboo Three keep on pushing their own boundaries. They don't go where the path may lead. Instead they go where there is no path and leave a trail of their own.

As an innovative digital think tank, The Bamboo Three offer you knowledge, passion and experience in the digital world.

We design, we develop, we build you any project, website or app you can dream of. Hell, we'll even dream it for you if you want us to!

Get in touch with us

We can imagine you might be a little bit intimidated (or even a lot) by our talents and skills, but make no mistake; we are highly approachable as well. So please feel free to get in touch with us! Who knows - it just might be a life-changing experience...